Thursday, January 7, 2016

Countdown to 2016 Topps #27: Forgettable

My wife and I were saddened earlier this week to learn of the death of Natalie Cole. You see, yesterday was the twentieth anniversary of our wedding and the song that we played for our wedding dance just happened to be the technology-assisted duet with her father: 'Unforgettable.' 

The 2002 Topps set might just go down in history as the most forgettable set. Or perhaps, regrettable. Between the goldish/mustard/orange color, borders that are just too wide and a weak rookie card class (save Joe Mauer), Topps ruined an otherwise decent design. Had the top and bottom of the photo extended beyond the ribbons, then I might not be so harsh. 

I had to look Tyner up, as I did not remember him as a ball player. I was surprised that a) he had been a first round draft pick by the Mets in 1998 (21st overall) and b) he had a career that spanned eight MLB seasons. He also played for eight different organizations over his pro career and actually had 31 stolen bags for Tampa in 2001.

Apparently even the bobbleheads of Tyner that were scheduled to be distributed at a Rays game were forgotten about for a few years. Jason had been demoted 5 days before a Jason Tyner Bobblehead night at the Trop back in 2002. And so they sat in storage for years, until the team donated them in 2006 to the Pinellas Education Foundation for use at Enterprise Village. Kids could 'purchase' them with the 'money' they earned learning about business and commerce. My only question is: ten years later, how many of those kids even remember that treasured collectible?


  1. Happy anniversary to you and your wife. It's amazing how that first dance song becomes "your" song, and how much everything and everyone associated with it matters to you more as a result.

  2. Happy anniversary! I was bummed to hear about Natalie's death too. I grew up with parents who loved her father's music, so that song will forever stir up great memories. As for Tyner... maybe his bobble is considered a "white whale" for collectors, since they were never actually distributed to Rays fans.