Saturday, January 30, 2016

Countdown to 2016 Topps #4: Check!

4 Days 'til 2016 Topps hits the shelves

Many of us are dependent upon lists to help keep our lives organized and for the purposes of time management. We have our grocery lists, a list of what's for dinner during the course of the week, to-do-lists and lists of emergency numbers, just to name a few. I suppose there are people who continue to write these things down on paper but I'm guessing most folks now use their smartphones for such things. Log into the iTunes Store (or Google Play) and search for 'To Do Lists' under iPhone (iPad) apps and you will find more than enough to meet your needs.

I find myself using my phone for keeping notes of movies and music to check, but prefer pen and paper for other things (such as blog ideas). As far as my cardboard want lists, I used to prefer using pen and paper for those, as well, but it makes it hard to share with others (potential trade partners) who might have cards I need. So I've begun putting those lists in Google Docs. Plus it's much easier to have a phone in my pocket than carrying around a notebook at the card shows.

Thankfully, Topps still puts Checklists in their flagship product. It would be easy for them to just have it available on the website, but they must see that collectors still value such cards. I doubt anyone (other than maybe kids) actually puts pen to cardboard anymore, but most of us probably prefer referencing a checklist card to see which players they need than a website. At that point I then go online and enter in my want list. That being said, I still enjoy the initial pre-release checklist posted on sites such as Cardboard Connection. It provides a little sneak-peak at what we have to look forward to, much like the movie trailer. It's not quite as exciting as the day the new design is revealed or release day, but I still enjoy it.

My one complaint with the way Topps does their checklists in flagship is their combining checklist and season highlights into one card. The fonts seem to be a little smaller (or maybe it's just my eyesight getting worse?) and it forces them into having to make more checklist cards, since they aren't using front and back. Plus, the checklist on the back doesn't allow for any expounding upon the event being highlighted. Wouldn't it just make more sense to do it like they used to? I should tweet them about that.

Maybe I'll add that to my to-do list.

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  1. I'm with you -- I'd prefer separate checklists and highlights cards. I mean, they'll come up with a way to shoehorn in multiple cards of whatever players are hot each year somehow, so why not just give us real checklists?