Friday, February 5, 2016

Base(ball) Oddity #41: The Last Shall Be First

...and the first was the last.

It's becoming more and more difficult to find Dale Murphy cards to add to the collection. Well, not if I count the numerous high-end releases that have come out in recent years. But I don't consider post-retirement cards as essential to any PC and so I just pass over most of them as I scroll through the pages. There are certainly ones I have liked and really wanted to add to the collection, but we have gotten to the point of overkill in the retired player checklist over the past decade. *Shakes fist*

One item I have been searching for came up on the 'Bay towards the end of December- only it was a graded copy. I really didn't want to pay the higher price usually associated with graded cards, but made an exception this time. I certainly don't want to have to worry about storing it in the case, so I will be performing surgery on it soon, removing it from its shell.

I made sure to purchase it just late enough in the month so that it wouldn't show up until after the first of the New Year. And so the last Dale Murphy purchase of 2015 was also the first Dale Murphy card received in 2016. 

Clever- aren't I?

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  1. Perfect timing for the perfect oddball. Great stuff.