Monday, February 15, 2016

Coming Out

My boss sent out an email a few weeks ago asking those of us who are either department managers or in sales to provide a short bio that will be featured in upcoming newsletters and on our various social media sites. "Give it a personal touch," he exhorted us. 

And so I struggled for the next couple of weeks, trying to find just the right things to say. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and, like always, found myself unhappy with what I had put on paper. I finally settled on a couple of short paragraphs which included my 'coming out,' if you will: baseball card collector. I didn't want it to sound so juvenile- so I said that I "enjoy working on a complete run of Topps baseball sets dating back to the mid-70s." I guess I've never come to grips with the truth that I have never completely grown up and so I have to paint a more mature picture of myself.

Speaking of the mid-late 70's and my childhood... I've recently discovered something else I've suppressed for years: I want a Seattle Mariners Trident hat. 

I've mentioned it before but I'll say it again. Before I became an Atlanta Braves fan, I was a Seattle Mariners fan. Living in the northwest, it was a natural attraction and I was able to follow them from their maiden voyage. I would listen to their games on the radio and watch what few games would be broadcast on a local television channel (which would not happen until the early 80s). We also made a number of trips to the Emerald City, with an M's game- or Seahawks game- as a part of the vacation. 

Despite my fandom, I would never own one of the original logo caps. I would eventually get the 'Star Trident' logo'd hat from the early eighties- and would have it until around 1990. I eventually bought a pretty sweet trident t-shirt during our trip to Seattle back in 2010 but it's seen better days and isn't something I would wear in public at this point (I wore it while painting the house, and it shows). 

The airbrushing of the hat on this 1977 Topps card (#14) doesn't do the logo justice. Neither does the equally-bad airbrush job on its O-Pee-Chee counterpart. Smith's Topps card, by the way, is the first Mariner card in a Topps set.

A visit to the M's store on their website pulled up a few of the desired hats. But as a fan of one team, do I dare wear another team's colors on my lid? Or do I just keep it in my closet?


  1. Considering that the Mariners and Braves rarely play each other and are in different leagues, I think you can be a fan of both fairly easily.

    1. Of course, I say that so I can send you a metric ton of Mariners cards.

    2. Whoa, whoa, whoa- wait a minute. I didn't say anything about wanting their cards! ;)

  2. I've owned caps of other teams besides the Dodgers that I've worn. Obviously they can't be teams that are offensive to me. I think the only ones I have left though are the Tigers and the Twins.

  3. I'd say go for it. I'm a Denver Broncos fan and I have a Marshawn Lynch jersey. I haven't died from the cognitive dissonance of it yet.

  4. I don't wear hats very often... but I'd have no problem rocking a hat with a logo of a team I don't support. A few weeks ago, my local Marshalls had a bunch of MLB New Era hats and I almost grabbed a throwback Astros hat.