Thursday, February 4, 2016

Quantity over Quantity

So I made a quick trip over to Target last night with hopes that they would 2016 Topps 1 in the card aisle. I had seen a post that Raz had published the night before, so I figured they must be on the shelves here locally- and I wasn't disappointed. Once I arrived in the card aisle, I was faced with a dilemma: do I get 8 regular packs @ $1.98 (or 1.99) each or do I get a jumbo pack and a hanger box? I chose the latter, figuring I'd get a few more cards for my money. I later regretted it, though. I mean, wouldn't you rather have more packs to open? I know I would. I only wish I had thought along those lines before my purchase.

The packs were typical: 36 cards in the jumbo, 72 in the hanger. Each contained the assorted inserts that I have grown to despise. And there was that piece of crack in it as well (the Bunt ad offering a free pack!). There was a nice surprise, however. More on that later. I will say that once in hand, I like these more than I thought I would. Should Topps have included the traditional border on the design? Absolutely. But if they were going to go borderless, they couldn't have picked a better design.

First Card:
#224 Billy Burns

First Brave:
#183 Andrelton Simmons~ well, first former Brave in a Braves uniform

Best card:
#96 Jose Bautista~ I think we have our Card of the Year, 2016. Hands down.

First Pitch:
FP10 Johnny Knoxville

Funny Faces:
#32 Zack Greinke
169 Charlie Morton


I was very surprised to find one of these in the pack. Looks like a product I will buy when it's released next month.


  1. I'm always leery of the loose packs at that particular local Target because I've encountered the handiwork of the area's pack searcher a little too often there. I've grown tired of opening packs of cards that he has dented, torn, and bent while feeling them up for hits. That's why I ultimately went with the hanger box on my trip. I guess that works out for Topps because it causes me to spend the $10 instead of the $4-5 I'd usually spend.

    I wish I'd got a copy of the Bautista card. That was a good photo selection by Topps. There's still plenty of time left in 2016 for me to pick up that one card.

  2. Sell that Bautista now on eBay. Seriously. Casual fans are paying $10 for it. No lie.

    Of course, that was earlier today.

    1. Ten Bucks?! Wow. Maybe I should. I have a box due to arrive tomorrow.

  3. MLB Wacky Packages? I'm all in on this set.