Monday, February 29, 2016

They Were Discounted- But Not the Five Finger Kind

I've got to be honest. One of the most frustrating things about being a parent is trying to keep your child clothed at a time when she's growing like a weed.

I was reminded of this recently when my wife and I took our daughter out to look for some snow boots. She was getting ready for the winter camp that her school has for the middle school-high school each winter, and the boots we bought her last year (which she wore maybe twice) were too small for her. So we went shopping, hoping to find a pair that were affordable- knowing that she would probably grow out of them before it snows again here in the valley. My mind began souring on the idea pretty quickly, though, as we checked Payless and found they were wanting $60!! There was no way we were paying that much for something she'd wear once, so we checked the next closest place- K-Mart.

We settled on a larger pair of snow boots that my daughter can grow into (at about half the cost) and I decided that I'd check the card aisle while we were there. 

I didn't know if the Big K even had cards anymore, but I found some jumbo packs of 2014 Update that had been discounted at 40% off and went with those. It was perfect timing, as I had yet to start that set (and have been wanting to). 

One unfortunate incident happened as we were leaving-- the girl at the register apparently didn't get the security strip demagnetized, so the loud beeping went off as we were leaving. And, of course, everyone turned and looked at us.  I'm sure y'all have had that happen while buying cards, no?

Anyway, here are some of the highlights...

I'm convinced that being a catcher automatically qualifies you for a cool card. Even if you're sporting a Marlins logo on your jersey.

Mickey Mike Trout !

Okay- All-Star game cards have worn out their welcome. But I do like this one that captures the excitement of the HR hitting contest.

Will Mookie become a star? How about George Springer?

This design lends itself nicely to the horizontal shots- don't cha think?

Still have  a long way to go. If anyone out there has singles, here's my list of cards still needed for the set. Let me know if we can work out a deal...


  1. That Rizzo is definitely a gem; pure exuberance!

  2. Now I understand why my dad wanted to buy me Kmart shoes back in the day. Kinda feel bad that I made my mom return all of those shoes and buy me Jordans. But now that they're getting older... it's time for me to give back and show them just how much I appreciate everything they did for me. This post was a nice reminder of that.

  3. 2014 does look good horizontal, regular eh. I'll check my box to see if I have any you need, know I've got random packs of this before