Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Creativity is Dead

I realize that not every card product is directed at my collecting interests, so I try not to be hyper-critical of everything in this hobby. That being said...I have some real concerns about not only the future of this hobby but its present state as well.  Product development, in my opinion, has hit a wall and creativity is dead. 

If you missed the news,  the latest set to be added to Topps product schedule is yet another rehashed set called Anthology. There's a catch, of course (isn't there always?): it's the oversized (5"x7") garbage set that is available exclusively online.

I don't have a problem with online-only products and forget the fact it's another of their over-sized sets. My problem is that the company continues to do reprints of the same damn cards over and over and over again. Even worse is they include reprints of more recent cards.

I began drafting this post a week or so ago and forgot about it- until yesterday when it was the topic of #CardChat.

Sooz's question regarding collector's opinions of reprints seemed to be answered along these lines: I dislike them; find them confusing or too easy for sellers to scam online buyers; they've been done too often; as long as they're marked, they're okay; laziness [to which I say, amen!].

You know why the above card 'worked'? Because it was fresh; the front wasn't some reprint of Ray Boone's card. Maybe Topps should have done something similar with Berger's Best, with the back being the front.  You what would have been a nice way to honor Berger? By having quotes about him from former co-workers or others in the hobby who knew him.

Topps should be proud of its past and I have no problem with them celebrating its illustrious history. But enough is enough, already. Stop 'forcing' it on us. Stop beating a dead horse.


  1. Bravo! I couldn't have said it better myself - honor the past by adding a new twist to it, not copying it.


    Y'all missed some Twitter gold there.

  3. Yeah, I think I said about half of those "enough is enough already" quotes. We get the same cards reprinted all the time. Mark (the Cynical Buddha) and I have joked in the past about counting up the number of times that Topps has reprinted or reused the 1975 Topps Yount card. Following closely behind are the 1977 and 1976 Topps for him.

    If they want to use past designs, they should use some of their food and regional issues -- the Cereal Series from 1984, or the front-of-card designs from some of the Gardner's Bakery Brewers cards from the mid-1980s. Those were Topps cards, after all -- use them!

  4. First it was reusing the same image for multiple brands and now it's reusing the same re-prints year after year. It does seem as if Topps is getting lazy. This is another reason why that stupid monopoly should end...competition makes everyone operate on their toes and be the best company they can be.

  5. What the heck is #cardchat and how do I get in on it? Agree 100%. As a Gwynn collector... I never thought there'd be too many 1983 Topps reprints of his card. But there are.

    1. on Twitter- Sooze hosts it (usually on Mondays, I think it is)

    2. oic... i really have to figure out this whole "twitter" thing. guess i'm missing out on all the fun

    3. Follow @yanxchick on Twitter. Like I said, she usually has these topics available for discussion on Mondays and hashtags them #CardChat . You don't have to take part in it in 'live time'- either search #CardChat or just go back on her timeline. It's a fun part of the hobby

    4. Thanks. Just checked it out and it's awesome. Great interaction among collectors. Still feel like the new kid at school. Need to test out the waters... but I'm sure I'll dive in sooner or later.