Monday, March 14, 2016

Great Pages in the Annals of Topps #3: 1980 (487-495)

Most binders pages would look at today's featured page and be green with envy. It's got just about everything you could want on a sheet- with the exception of a Hall of Famer.

We have alliteration: May, Mura, Martin, Minetto, McBride; Howell, Hanna and we have powder blues. There's even an appearance of a windbreaker under the jersey, thanks to Mr. May.

In the left column- we have each of the two Chicago teams represented, in their pajama tops!

Moving one row to the right... each of the three players are showing off their stirrups, and two of the players are rocking gold sanitary socks. It's just not fair that younger collectors of modern cards don't get to appreciate wonderful works of art such as these cards.

Last, but certainly not least... we have Bake- and a dude who looks baked. Whoa, dude.

Actually, I vaguely remembered some bad news about Todd Cruz so I googled his name and was reminded of the sad ending to his life. I also found an interesting link about Preston Hanna, the player pictured directly above Cruz. Hanna was struggling to make ends meet during the 1981 player's strike, so Ted Turner hired the player who was striking against him. Sounds odd, I know.

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