Sunday, March 13, 2016

Stamp of Approval

You want to know something I've never understood? Federal laws that require a candidate to say,"I approve of this ad/message," even though the candidate appears on the campaign ad. Of course you do- you're on the commercial, you dope.

Anyway, one of my recent COMC purchases received my stamp of approval. Best of all, you won't get any name calling, protests, statements that contradict previous ones or promises that won't be fulfilled. This ain't no presidential debate or rally.

1988 Grenada Major League Baseball Stamps

The U.S. Postal Service will not issue a stamp of an individual unless that person has been dead for at least ten years (the exception being U.S. presidents, which is a one-year wait), so collectors of current or retired players who are still alive will not find a stamp of their favorite player. Many other countries, however, do not have such prohibitions. One island in the Caribbean, Grenada, saw a nice boost to its economy with the release of their baseball stamps (beginning in 1987). Sports Illustrated actually published an article on their endeavor- which can be accessed in their SI Vault.

In a separate purchase, this one coming about a year ago, I picked up two of the 1939 3-cent stamp that had been issued to celebrate the 'centennial' of the game of baseball and coincided with the opening of the Hall of Fame. This issue was proposed by Postmaster General James A. Farley (FDR's administration) and was supposedly not a very popular idea among stamp collectors at the time. To be honest with you, I don't recall ever having seen it prior to last year when I noticed a copy (or a reprint?) embedded in a Dale Murphy card- similar to a relic. I didn't want to pay what the card was going for but did like the looks of the stamp, so I found these two on eBay for a low, low price.

Anyone interested in one of these (I'm keeping one), comment below and it goes to the first request. also has an interesting article on the history of baseball stamps, if you're interested...


  1. I'd be interested in one of those stamps, I've got some stuff to send you anyways

    1. It's yours. I'll get some other stuff together for you, as well.