Wednesday, March 9, 2016

These Are Nacho(s) Cards Anymore, Chris. They're Mine.

Even after twenty years of marriage, my wife and I still like to have a monthly date night. Sometimes it's more than once a month, while other times it's been less. The season of our lives has usually dictated the frequency in which they occur (as in, having infants and toddlers). Our nights out are usually just the two of us, but there have been some fun double dates. Those are the ones where you feel like a teenager again. *Perhaps we should do that more often*

Anyway, one of those rare double dates had us going out to dinner to a Mexican restaurant. As we were driving to the restaurant, my buddy decides he's going to unleash one of his corny jokes on us: what do you say to someone who's trying to steal your cheese? No one knew the answer so he tells us the punchline.

Hey, that's nacho cheese!! 

It didn't elicit any laughter from us, as if we needed to; Oliver provided plenty of laughter at his own joke.

A short time later we're sitting in El Tenampa and the waitress approaches us to take our order. After taking the wives orders and then mine, the young lady asks my buddy what he would like. He tells her what he wanted and then deadpans, "Oh, miss, may I ask you a question?" (Oh, no) "What do you say to someone who's trying to steal your cheese?" The waitress thinks about it for a second and answers, "I'm not sure." She then turns around and walks off, unaware that he was trying to drop a joke on her. Or, perhaps she had heard that one before.

My trades with Chris from Nachos Grande have been about as rare as a double date for my wife and I, but they have been enjoyable. Let's take a look at the menu, shall we?

Fun stuff, first.

I've seen these cards of Chris on various blogs and have thought how cool it would be to be the recipient of one of these customs. Well, now I am the proud owner of one.

"Pre-Rookie" custom of Freddie Freeman.

No- that's not Deadpool, but a different superhero.

Speaking of superhero's... The Hammer. Or, should his action hero name be Bad Henry?

I was very surprised by the inclusion of all those mini-customs. The trade we had discussed had me expecting the following 2016 Topps cards. (I'm not complaining, mind you.) After these six cards, I'm down to needing only 10 for my Series 1 set!

Topps has declared Ender Inciarte- the Braves new center fielder- to be a Future Star. I only hope he stays in Atlanta long enough to see that come to fruition.

The trade also included a former highly thought of Braves prospect, Nick Ahmed, who had been included in the trade for Justin Upton a couple years back.

A couple of Brewers. I guess the only reason to be excited about them is it's two fewer cards to chase down for me set (sorry, Tony).

Finally, there's the under appreciated Michael Brantley. I bet the Brew Crew would like to still have this guy in their lineup.

Thanks again for the trade, Chris- and the next time... I promise, no more lame jokes.

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  1. Thanks for the trade! Glad you liked the cards. As for the joke, I feel bad for the poor waitress..