Friday, March 11, 2016

Trade with Cards My Mother Didn't Throw Out

I recently contacted Jared over at Cards My Mother Didn't Throw Out (CMMDTO for short) and asked if he was interested in an Archie Bradley variation card from the 2015 Topps Factory set. I had just discovered his blog and thought it would be a good way to introduce myself to a newer blogger in our community. Anyway, Jared seem grateful for me reaching out to him and was able to find some cards that I am needing from the 2014 Topps Update set and the 2015 Update set.

Jared's a Diamond Back fan, so it's only fitting that he'd make a trade with a Braves fan that included multiple players. Atlanta and Arizona have started making it an annual or bi-annual thing- perhaps Jared and I can trade more frequently than that. I won't look to fleece him, like my team has done to his. (Although, Brandon Drury is really looking good for the D-Backs. I wish we still had him)

There were also members from different teams...

 Love this photo of James Jones

Short-timer while in Oakland. Lester lasted all of eleven starts for the Athletics but was captured on cardboard in the Updates and Highlights set...

A nice horizontal shot of Hector Rondon. I still think the 2014 design looks much better in this position. Since Topps likes to revisit the past so much, maybe they can redo this set without the foil.

Dear MLB: Since the Marlins have a newer stadium, could you please move the Rays out of Tampa and into Montreal? You know you want to...

I still enjoy the league leaders subsets- but still prefer those from the '60s

Thanks again for the trade, Jared. I'll keep an eye out for anything that might grab your interest.


  1. I'm glad the cards could use a new home. Thanks for the Archie Bradley variation!!