Thursday, April 28, 2016

Great Pages in the Annals of Topps #5: 2013 Topps (514-522)-- Or,About-Face

I'm probably stretching it a little by including this page in the Great Pages series. There's really only two cards worth mentioning, but the way they're placed side-by-side is purely genius.

If Topps has to include stupid faces, better to do two like the Palpalbon and Roberts than some pitcher  (or 300) grimacing like he's trying to squeeze one out. 


On another note, you may (or may not) have noticed the blog title change. An even closer look will reveal that the URL has remained the same. Let me explain, in case you missed the post earlier this year where I said I had been thinking of a change (but had decided against it at that point).

When I first started this blog I wanted a blog title that reflected my primary collecting interest: Braves teams sets. And so I made a word play on card shop with 'Card Chop.' 

My interests have changed in recent months- where I have moved away from collecting Braves Topps team sets to being a Topps (flagship) set collector and a Heritage set collector (along with my Dale Murphy pc). Thus, I have decided to change it to the title of another blog I had for a while- one that better reflects the focus of my collection moving forward. 

Honestly, my interest in the Braves has waned with the trade of my favorite player (Andrelton Simmons) and the garbage product they have put on the field the past couple of years. And don't even get me started on ownership...

Anyway- thanks for reading, whether it was The Card Chop or now, Baseball Picture Cards.


  1. You mean you don't enjoy watching the the 2016 Atlanta Braves take the field?!?! While I still collect Braves cards and anything I can get of Freddie Freeman, I get it. These last few years it has been hard to be a fan. I too have focused more on collecting the annual sets of Gypsy Queen and Allen & Ginter more than Braves oriented cards too. I feel your pain, but at least we are in this together!

  2. I'll change my links to Baseball Picture Cards, but you know blogger. It may or may not want to recognize the name change. (Although this happens more frequently with wordpress blogs).