Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Recognizing Greatness

Have you ever had one of those moments where you run into someone who should know who you are, but they haven't a clue? It's probably happened to me- where I should have recognized an old classmate, etc- but nothing I can remember. I have had people who did not recognize me but should have. And I'll tell ya... having that happen is a blow to the ego. I'm important, after all! (I'm joking, of course- where's that sarcasm font?)

Now imagine you're a famous dude who runs into another famous dude out on the streets and you go up and express your admiration for him, but he doesn't seem to know who you are. That's the situation I read about while eating breakfast yesterday morning.

*Mike went on to break down their conversation- I wasn't able to get a screen shot of the last part of this post.

I've never seen Mike Rowe's show and I'm not really a Metallica fan, but I did find this encounter very funny. Like I said above, I think all of us have had some sort of embarrassing moment of not being recognized (whichever end we were on). And sometimes when a third party- like Topps- becomes involved, who knows what embarrassing things will happen.

As the Royals first-round pick in the 1995 draft (#19 overall), LeBron had a lot of hype- the back of his Topps RC mentions a Juan Gonzalez comp- but he never lived up to it, topping out at AA in 2002 for both Seattle and St. Louis before moving on to the Mexican League.

Beltran, well, we all know his story. He's still playing strong for the Yankees at age 38 (soon to be 39, next week)- in what is his 19th major league season. Not only did Topps not recognize Beltran (or LeBron, for that matter) on his rookie card, but I believe many collectors- and fans- have failed to recognize Carlos' greatness. He will be an interesting Hall of Fame candidate once he becomes eligible. He entered this season with a 68.3 WAR, which is higher than HOFer's such as Andre Dawson, Willie McCovey, Duke Snider and Billy Williams, to name a few. Perhaps the biggest thing that will hurt Beltran is the position he has played for the most part: centerfield.

Finally, it's quite unfortunate that the 1995 regular set and Update set doesn't contain any other strong rookies, because with the reported lowest print run since 1966, it could have been a great set for the collector. Even with one of their worst designs ever.

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