Wednesday, April 27, 2016


I saw a contest on Twitter recently held by a collector by the handle of @wcshaw84, who was going to give away some packs of 1988 Topps once he hit 300 followers. Well, he hit the magic number (and surpassed it) and, though I wasn't announced as a winner, I was contacted by Cody, who told me I was the second winner. Hey, there's nothing wrong with being runner-up if you can't be Top Dog. Know what I mean?

So, I dm'd my info to Cody and a few days later the prize arrived in the mail. Let's take a look at what I received...

Isn't it glorious? We need to bring back the wax pack. If I'm elected President in 2016, I will issue an executive order that requires card companies to go back to packing out in wax packs.

And they must include bubble gum in those packs. Without protection.

Pack one highlights:

Gary Carter
Rookie Cups! X2!!!
Tom Brunansky-- with Gum Stain. SP!!! $50. Anyone?
Jackass Clark- X2 (Booo!)

If I'm elected President, I will also enact an executive order requiring all Gary Pettis cards be recalled and re-issued with his classic 1985 Topps 'Finger-on-chin' pose.

Pack 2 Highlights:

Harold Reynolds- everyone's favorite MLB Network employee
Pudge! Hall of Famer
Phil Garner- Sans Mustache (another executive order? Men must wear a Scrap Iron 'stache)
Jose Canseco-- I'm going to retire! Whooooohooo!

Pack 3 Highlights:

A card of The Blob- which just ate a couple of Tigers
Alan Trammel
A couple of Expos cards- Yes, you guessed it- bring back the Expos!

Pack 4 Highlights:

Yes, I think Topps is pulling for me to win the 2016 Election!

While I'm not holding my breath for election results, I will be holding my breath as I await the Spring Fever sweepstakes winner to be announced.

I don't know if you'll read this, Cody, but thanks for the opportunity to enter your giveaway and for pulling through on the contest! And congrats on meeting your follower number!


  1. I think you have as much chance as anybody else of winning this election...

    1. Oh, and your Brunansky SP has far too clear of a mark to fetch that kind of money. If I'm going to shell out that much for a gum-stained card, I want one that I have to read really tiny numbers on the bottom of card to know that there is a difference.

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