Saturday, April 16, 2016

Taking Back My Masculinity

My daughter celebrated her 15th birthday this past week, but, because it was on Monday, didn't have her obligatory birthday party until last night. Imagine being the only male in a small house with the wife, your daughter and five of her teenage friends. Oh, and a female dog. Yes, that was my Friday evening / Saturday morning. It left me feeling a bit emasculated.

And so you can imagine how I was desperately in need of something to affirm my masculinity. Thankfully, the father of two of the girls is a good friend and he hung out for a bit. You know, just two dudes bonding.

But the rest of the time it was giggles and all the silliness that accompanies tweeners and those early teen-aged years. 

One positive out of all of this is that it afforded me time to put my 2014 Heritage set in binder pages. That certainly got the ball rolling. I mean, how could you not look at 425 pictures of men and not feel like one of the guys? The only thing missing was a big chaw or dip, then I'd feel right at home.

You can't possibly page your cards without some killer tunes in the background and so that was step two on the road to healing. Seventies rock is always a good choice for this. Something like Rick Deringer's Rock and Roll Shin-Soo Choo Hootchie Koo. (credit: Super 70s Sports)

Or Lynyrd Skynyd. 

Mr. Saturday Night Special

My wife and I also spent a little quality time together while the girls took some time to go goof around outside. Now, you're probably saying, "how can you feel manly when your wife keeps asking you about your feelings...," but that isn't going to happen this night. No, we're going to make sure our time together includes testosterone tv- so we watched the dvr'd episode of Fear the Walking Dead. It's too bad Darryl isn't on this one. He's a manly dude.

Some of the things you think about when you have time to yourself... I remember my mom once told me that if I had been a female, she'd have named me Stephanie. Maybe I should change my name to something that can't be emasculated. Something like Tuffy. 

If you still don't feel manly after all these things, there are always beards. Those are manly.

Or dapper hair-dos and mullets.

Yes, mullets are the answer to everything.



  1. Rock and Roll Shin-Soo Choo... hmmmm.... somebody contact Weird Al's management!

  2. Colby's mullet is pretty awesome here but have you seen his full blown amish beard this year?!

  3. nice.
    with regards to that set, I too, recently put it in a binder. I am one base card and 50 short prints from completion.

    I should have it knocked off in five, maybe six, years.....