Saturday, May 14, 2016

2016 Spring Card Show #1: The $5 Special

I missed the last card show because I was thinking it would be about a month later than when it actually took place, so you can only imagine how excited I was when I woke up this morning. A lot has changed in my collecting habits since the last one I attended, so this day brought with it a sense of hobby rejuvenation.

The first table I stopped at was unattended, but the dealer came over shortly afterwards and began telling me about his specials (he was manning a second table for someone, apparently)- one of which was 2 cards/$1 or 75% off sticker price if only purchasing one card. I thought I was hearing things because I was browsing through the box at the time and saw a large number of cards marked anywhere from $6-$15.

I immediately began pulling Heritage baseball short-prints after this wonderful news and found nine (one of which was a double, for trade) that were needed for my sets. I also found two color variations that I thought I could use as trade bait or try to sell. That gave me an odd amount so I added one more card- a Clubhouse Collection relic card- so that I might only pay 50 cents per card. Before handing him the cards, I said, 'you did say 2/$1, right?" Okay, so I did hear him correctly. Handing him the cards,  I was expecting to have to hand him $6 but he said $5 would be good enough. Even better news!

Here are the spoils:

Not too bad for my first purchase of the day. What else did I pickup? Stay tuned for post number 2 when I share a few other sets needs as well as three oddballs for trades...

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