Monday, May 16, 2016

2016 Spring Card Show #2- Lucky 7

In case you missed it this weekend, I published a post on Saturday afternoon in which I shared a few Heritage short prints that I had picked up for a mere $5 at that morning's card show. That was the first purchase of the day and today I'll look at the second one.

The dealer whom I bought these cards from was one of maybe two who actually had binders to look through. This has always been my preferred method of looking at cards, as it makes it much easier that sifting through boxes. Anyway, most of the baseball he had was from the early to mid-2000s so I began thinking I was just wasting my time. It was to my surprise, then, to find that he had some late '70s- early '80s Topps in there as well. Most were ones that I already had- but I did find the following four cards needed for three of my sets:

Not only that, but I also found the following three Red Lobster Cubs cards, which will be going out to three Cubs collectors (1 card per).

In all, I spent $2 for these seven cards. A good way to get rid of some quarters.

Next up, 3 items from the final of 3 purchases.

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