Sunday, May 29, 2016

Cards for My Collection from Cardboard Collections

When I decided to go back and begin adding Heritage sets to my collection, one of the things I was undecided on was whether or not to collect some of the insert sets. I do not do this with the flagship Topps sets, but the Heritage ones are a whole different beast. I really like how News Flashbacks and Baseball Flashbacks revisit the past and how Then and Now connects the past to the present. 

Once I decided to go ahead and add those to the sets I began scouring eBay for some of the inserts sold as sets. I did pick up a couple of lots, but I also decided that I had better depend upon trading for some of the singles. 

Shortly around that time I saw that Colbey from Cardboard Collections needed 2016 Topps I singles for his set, and I just happened to have quite a few of them. A deal was worked out and he was able to knock quite a few of the Flashback cards from my 2011 Heritage want list. 

Nothing like some ol' time trading to take care of your set needs, I say. 

Thanks again, Colbey, for the trade!

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