Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Forget Star Wars Day

With all due respect to JediJeff and all you other Star Wars fans... forget Star Wars Day. It's #HappyFelixDay

I have made a new discovery early this baseball season, and it has caused me to feel as if a lot of years have been wasted.

I'm talking about King Felix, the man pictured above.

You see, for years I have subscribed to the MLB package on, allowing me to watch any out-of-market game. And for me that meant a lot of Atlanta Braves games. Of course I could watch any other game available to me, and at times I would, but because I live in the northwest I wasn't able to see Mariner games. So, I haven't had the pleasure of watching the King pitch. In fact, prior to the 2016 season, I don't recall ever watching him pitch.

But this season has been different. Gone is the MLB package and in its place is satellite TV and Root Sports Northwest- the regional sports channel. This has afforded me the pleasure of watching Felix (and the M's) and I have really taken to the dude not only as a pitcher but also as an individual. He's a real charismatic guy and I was blown away by how much the fans love him there in the Emerald City. I mean, they really love him.

The three cards featured today are recent additions for my Heritage sets, each being an SP. If you have any Heritage SPs that you'd be willing to part with, let me know and maybe we can work a trade. I'm also looking to pick up certain Felix cards (I'm going to start collecting certain cards of his- not jumping all in), so if you have anything, let me know!

I read a stat recently from Bob Dutton of the Tacoma News Tribune-- Felix and Zak Greinke are the two active leaders in no-decisions in starts where they allow 0-1 runs. The number? A staggering 45. It's a shame to see such greatness 'gone to waste'- so to speak. 

Finally, Felix recently passed Randy Johnson as the team's all-time strikeout leader, and with a Win today against the A's, Hernandez will become the Mariner's all-team leader in Wins. 


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  2. Yoda can kick King Felix's butt any day of the week.