Thursday, May 12, 2016

Great Pages in the Annals of Topps: 1981 (#631-638)

It's really too bad that Mark Fidrych wasn't included in this 9-card run because it already features two great characters from the game during this time period, and a third would have been like hitting the trifecta at the race track.

You didn't know how interesting Alan Bannister and Doug Flynn were, huh? Well, I'm actually referring to Bill 'The Spaceman' Lee and Al 'The Mad Hungarian' Hrabosky (as if you didn't know that !) I guess in order to be considered a 'great character' one must possess a mad nick-name, and these dudes certainly qualify.

Add a pretty decent afro (but still not in the league of an Oscar Gamble), a checklist, and a baby blue uniform (not to mention the Trident on the helmet), and what we have is a Cliff Clavin. If only The Bird had been here... we'd be talking about a NORM(!) Peterson.

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