Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Next Year's Cardtoon?

In case you missed it on Mother's Day, Bryce Harper set an MLB record by reaching base 7 times without an official at-bat. For the record, he walked six times (including 3 intentional) and was hit by a pitch once.

I received Bryce's 2015 Topps Heritage short-printed card in the mail yesterday & as I was looking at the back I think I know what Topps will include on the back of his 2017 Heritage card: a CardToon featuring this feat. I don't see how they can't do it, as this record just screams an appearance in cartoon form.


  1. I feel kind of bad for Harper.He's been getting picked on a lot by the league.

  2. Maybe they'll use a cartoon of him hugging it out with an umpire instead ;)