Friday, June 10, 2016

Cubs for My Collection- Whaaaa?

There's nothing like coming home after a long day at work and seeing a couple of bubble mailers and/or PWE's waiting for you. I was fortunate enough to come home to exactly that last evening- one bubble mailer coming from a Sportlots purchase and the other a PWE from Peoria, IL. That means one thing, of course: P-town Tom.

Tom was a part of a trio of collectors, each of whom received a Red Lobster Cubs card from last month's card show and reciprocated by sending me a couple of... Cubs cards?

I thought he was the collector of Cubbies.

After what seemed like way too long being spent trying to figure out why I would be the recipient of Cubs cards it finally dawned on me: I'm working on those two sets. So I logged on to Google Drive and sure enough, I'm in need of the cards Tom was kind enough to send.

Whew. I thought maybe he was purging some of the doubles in his collection and trying to add passengers to what I'm sure will be a very big (band)wagon this year.

One of the '77 Topps cards I really remember well from my childhood was Jose Cardenal's. I think it was because of the afro he wore. And so imagine how confused I was for a minute upon seeing this Dave Rosello.

Now, look at Cardenal's 1977 Topps card:

See what I mean?

Finally, more confusion as I saw the Scott Servais card. (Are you detecting a trend here?)

Anyway, I knew this card looked familiar- but it turns out that I had a Cooperstown Collection (or whatever) parallel at one time.

Of that, I'm certain.

 Thanks again, Tom for the two #92.


  1. You're welcome, and than you for the Red Lobster card! (Glad you figured out why I sent Cubs cards! LOL)

  2. I always get a laugh at the afro cards! Btw, your page text is showing up white on white, had to Ctrl+A to read anything.