Tuesday, June 7, 2016

My First Blowout Buy

I saw an exchange on Twitter recently in which two or three people were discussing blogs, forums and the use of other social media for selling and trading cards. In the midst of the discussion, the Blow Out Cards forum was mentioned as one such destination. Now, I haven't been one to put too much time into forums (I think I used to use the Beckett one? But even that was minimal), but it got me thinking about other means to pickup items for the collection. 

So while sitting on a bed in the hotel room on our recent vacation, I signed up on the site and posted a few comments before heading over to the buy/sell/trade section. Once there, I found a guy who was selling stuff from 2015 Heritage High Numbers and for a pretty reasonable price. In case you haven't been over to Blow Out, they have a way of leaving feedback much like the one on eBay, so if the seller has positive feedback you should be pretty safe in buying. And best of all- for sellers- there are no fees.  Anyway, I picked up a nice sized lot of inserts and SPs to go towards finishing off my set. I forgot to count the number of cards, but judging from the photos below it was somewhere in the neighborhood of 40- all for $23 delivered. 

Once I get more familiar with the site, I too will be trying to sell some stuff on there. During our vacation, I talked to my wife about the desire to get back into doing card shows and selling online. I won't be going nuts on breaking large number of cases, but would like to do something on a much smaller scale- just to make a little extra cash and have some fun while doing it. 

The one negative thing about the BO forum (or any other such ones, I guess): trash talking, bickering and fighting. Of course, we can have plenty of that on the blogs, as well. One interesting discussion I came across was some of the big case breakers bitching about guys like myself who put their Kevin Costner autos (or whatever) on eBay and undercut them. They seem to think they set the market prices. I'm just a guy who broke a couple boxes and doesn't have to have some big hit to save my butt because I'm breaking 60 cases and am not getting a return on my investment. But I digress. Sorry. I just thought it was lame.


  1. I visit the Blowout forums relatively often, mostly to check out box / case breaks and see what cool hits people are pulling. I've made a couple of transactions on there and so far it's worked out pretty well. I've purchased cards, participated in a sketch card draft, and commissioned sketch cards from artists on the forum.

    You are right in that there is an awful lot of drama on the forum, and that is something that is true on just about any forum, whether it's a comic book forum, a sports card forum, or a video game forum. I like to rubberneck on those threads from time to time, but for the most part I am there just to look at pictures of cards and maybe buy something. It seems like there are people in the world who get a little too invested in their hobbies to the point that their self-worth and identity are tied up in them, and they take things that go on in forum threads way too seriously. Then these people start to interact with each other and have to defend their viewpoint to the ends of the earth instead of just disagreeing and letting it go.

    I think I read the thread you mentioned in which a few of the big case breakers complained about small-fry sellers setting the market too low and ruining things for the big guys. That's something that comes up with every new product cycle. There is some good insight in there among all the complaining, like what you can expect on a per-case basis, what the average price is per base set / insert set / master set, and which big hits have been pulled.

  2. ...was some of the big case breakers bitching about guys like myself who put their Kevin Costner autos (or whatever) on eBay and undercut them"

    Screw them I say. I sell for what I want. Supply and demand baby. While you are listing and relisting and relisting over and over, I have my money in hand. Sure, in the long run maybe you get more, but the time spent relisting costs money. In the long run, we are probably even, if I'm not out ahead of you.

    I usually undercut. I give a crap. I want my money.