Friday, August 19, 2016

Closing Chop, Opening Another

It's been a little over months since I've posted anything here on the blog, but that doesn't mean I've been away from the hobby. It's been a draining summer and the last thing I have felt like doing is blogging. That being said, I have published a few posts- just on a different site. During this time away I decided to close up the Chop.

You might remember earlier this year I explained the name change (not the url address, however) for something that would better reflect my collecting interests at the time. I had come to an end of team set collecting, focusing instead on a complete run of Topps flagship sets. Well, despite the change the 'cardchop' name was still there and I couldn't shake the name association with the Braves. Yes, I'm still pissed that ownership doesn't care and don't have faith in, or trust, the new regime (and I won't even mention Andrelton Simmons is proving them wrong with his hitting...).  Throw in my getting tired of Blogger/Google and I've decided to move shop to a different address- on Wordpress.

I made this with the CardChop a couple of years ago and saw readership plummet, so moved back. Was it the right move, coming back? I don't know. While I write for the enjoyment, there is also that aspect of being part of a community of like-minded collectors. And when there's no one reading it gets frustrating.

So...I'm giving it another go. With the move I'll be linking it more through different social media sites with the hopes of getting subscribers and I'm hoping those of you who have been reading this blog over the years will add my new blog to your blog roll. You can visit me at Collating Cards. I don't now if I'll post as much as I did here during my peak, but am hoping to average 2 or 3 posts a week. I hope to see you there!