Saturday, December 24, 2016

No Secret Santa, Just an Anonymous One

I have never been one for trends. Even during those peer-pressured high school years I tended to march to the beat of my own drum. Things haven't really changed much as an adult, although I must admit that I find myself getting caught up in what's popular on Netflix at times or using popular hashtags on social media sites. Our hobby isn't devoid of such things, either. I suppose the one time I conformed to a trend within the card collector community was during the #WalletCard contest. My interest quickly faded, however, as I never go anywhere exciting. The humdrum life isn't very conducive to interesting photo ops.

Two other trends within our community come to mind: the #SuperCollector thing and the more recent Secret Santa. Having been less involved in blogging (and the blogging community in general) the past six months, I have no idea of the origins of this Secret Santa Society, but I have seen at least one blogger bring it up.

So yes, once again I find myself on the outside looking in- but that's alright. I have a Secret Santa of my own. Well, at least an anonymous one.

No, I did not receive this awesome looking card from someone in the Brotherhood. The 'Secret Santa' er, Anonymous Santa I'm referring to is the dude behind Murph. I have no idea who it is. The card itself, well, that's my own creation.

My childhood idol (Mr. Murphy) recently tweeted the following:

I liked the photo so much that I took it and ran with it- all the way to the Topps website, where I was able to make a custom card. I decided against trying to order this thing- for now, anyways (they have copyright law agreements you have to sign off on)- but I did save it to my desktop.

Merry Christmas to all!

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