Monday, December 19, 2016

Now is the Time for Holiday Cards

Topps seems to get a lot of flack within the collecting community for its customer service and for what is perceived as a lack of any kind of concern for its customer base. Most of this gnashing of the teeth appears to be connected to Redemption cards and since I have never had anything to redeem, I cannot speak to that. But I will say that the assertions made by many collectors that Topps doesn't care about their customers are ridiculous. You cannot not care and still stay in business. Such apathy will eventually catch up and sink your company. But perhaps I'm just wearing rose-tinted glasses and am completely off in my evaluation in how business operates.

My theory that Topps does, in fact, care seems to be supported by an envelope I received in the mail on Saturday. Inside of the envelope was a 'Holdiay Card' from Topps Now, along with an actual Topps Now card featuring Kris Bryant and Gary Sanchez on one side and Ichiro and David Ortiz on the other side. And while I don't PC any of the players, I am more than happy to add it to the shoe box that houses all of my 2016 Topps Baseball cards.

I'm assuming that every customer who ordered one of Topps' on-demand cards received one of these things, so the card will certainly never be worth much of anything. But that's not really a concern of mine. I'm just glad that the company appreciates its customers enough to send out such a gift.

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