Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Last Present

A number of years ago we started a new Christmas tradition: dinner at the Jones' (not their real last name), followed by just hanging out for a few hours- conversing, playing games, watching movies or whatever else we feel like doing. Most of their relatives are elsewhere, and they think of us as family (we consider them family, as well)- so it's been nice to have another place to gather for the holidays.

Rick (the husband) texted me a couple of weeks ago, asking if I had any 1979 Topps cards or any extras of Braves players who reportedly sign TTM autos. I found a number of cards for him, as well as a double of an Albert Pujols variation, and brought them with us to Christmas dinner.

After handing him the stack of cards, Rick said that he had something for me and went in to his office to retrieve whatever it was he was going to gift me. Coming back out, he had a lucite card holder in hand, saying he thought I might like this:

Um, yeah.

Rick knows I'm done with collecting Braves cards but also understands that a vintage Eddie Mathews card is irresistible.

I might not have gotten much for Christmas this year, in way of cardboard, but what I lacked in quantity, I made up for in quality. Thanks again to my buddy Rick for this classic card!

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