Monday, December 26, 2016

Well Stuff My Stocking!

The amount of cardboard I received for Christmas this year was pretty minimal, which was to be expected. I had other wants/needs and only received one pack of 2016 Topps Update in my stocking and a vintage card that I will feature in my next post.

As far as the pack in my stocking... I really didn't need anymore of the base Update cards but once I discovered my wife had bought me a pack, I was hoping to get either a variation or one of the Rookie Birth-Year insert cards.

BOOM! There it is, the Julio Urias Rookie/Birth-Year card that is on my want list. I need to start having my wife buy all my packs, because there is always something good in the ones she gets for me.

Rest of the pack, meh. Nothing to get excited about. I'm still on the fence regarding the Franklin insert set; I thought I'd try to do a master set but haven't made a big push to pick up anything other than variations and the RC/BY ones.

What did ya'll get under the tree or in your stocking?


  1. I tried to drop hints to my 5 year old daughter to tell mom to get me a blaster box of Topps from either Walmart or Target. I ended up with a hanger box of Update instead. I'm glad you posted about the RC birth year cards b/c I pulled one too, but had no idea what they were called. I haven't done much with the base set since the first series...need to collate what I have so I can make an actual list.