Friday, June 10, 2016

Cubs for My Collection- Whaaaa?

There's nothing like coming home after a long day at work and seeing a couple of bubble mailers and/or PWE's waiting for you. I was fortunate enough to come home to exactly that last evening- one bubble mailer coming from a Sportlots purchase and the other a PWE from Peoria, IL. That means one thing, of course: P-town Tom.

Tom was a part of a trio of collectors, each of whom received a Red Lobster Cubs card from last month's card show and reciprocated by sending me a couple of... Cubs cards?

I thought he was the collector of Cubbies.

After what seemed like way too long being spent trying to figure out why I would be the recipient of Cubs cards it finally dawned on me: I'm working on those two sets. So I logged on to Google Drive and sure enough, I'm in need of the cards Tom was kind enough to send.

Whew. I thought maybe he was purging some of the doubles in his collection and trying to add passengers to what I'm sure will be a very big (band)wagon this year.

One of the '77 Topps cards I really remember well from my childhood was Jose Cardenal's. I think it was because of the afro he wore. And so imagine how confused I was for a minute upon seeing this Dave Rosello.

Now, look at Cardenal's 1977 Topps card:

See what I mean?

Finally, more confusion as I saw the Scott Servais card. (Are you detecting a trend here?)

Anyway, I knew this card looked familiar- but it turns out that I had a Cooperstown Collection (or whatever) parallel at one time.

Of that, I'm certain.

 Thanks again, Tom for the two #92.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

My First Blowout Buy

I saw an exchange on Twitter recently in which two or three people were discussing blogs, forums and the use of other social media for selling and trading cards. In the midst of the discussion, the Blow Out Cards forum was mentioned as one such destination. Now, I haven't been one to put too much time into forums (I think I used to use the Beckett one? But even that was minimal), but it got me thinking about other means to pickup items for the collection. 

So while sitting on a bed in the hotel room on our recent vacation, I signed up on the site and posted a few comments before heading over to the buy/sell/trade section. Once there, I found a guy who was selling stuff from 2015 Heritage High Numbers and for a pretty reasonable price. In case you haven't been over to Blow Out, they have a way of leaving feedback much like the one on eBay, so if the seller has positive feedback you should be pretty safe in buying. And best of all- for sellers- there are no fees.  Anyway, I picked up a nice sized lot of inserts and SPs to go towards finishing off my set. I forgot to count the number of cards, but judging from the photos below it was somewhere in the neighborhood of 40- all for $23 delivered. 

Once I get more familiar with the site, I too will be trying to sell some stuff on there. During our vacation, I talked to my wife about the desire to get back into doing card shows and selling online. I won't be going nuts on breaking large number of cases, but would like to do something on a much smaller scale- just to make a little extra cash and have some fun while doing it. 

The one negative thing about the BO forum (or any other such ones, I guess): trash talking, bickering and fighting. Of course, we can have plenty of that on the blogs, as well. One interesting discussion I came across was some of the big case breakers bitching about guys like myself who put their Kevin Costner autos (or whatever) on eBay and undercut them. They seem to think they set the market prices. I'm just a guy who broke a couple boxes and doesn't have to have some big hit to save my butt because I'm breaking 60 cases and am not getting a return on my investment. But I digress. Sorry. I just thought it was lame.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Cardboard in the Morning...and at Noon...and at Night

I received some cards over the weekend from Tim at I Love the Smell of Cardboard in the Morning, whom I had contacted recently about some Heritage SPs. Turns out that Tim had a few, as well as some of my other sets needs- namely, 2015 Topps Update. I like the title of Tim's blog, except for me, cardboard always smells good. At morning, at noon, at night.

Part of my questions whether or not we will ever see Josh Hamilton out on the baseball field again. The man is one broken dude. What a shame, as he was such a talent...

Joc Pederson. I haven't looked up his stats, but I wonder if participating in last year's HR Derby was a bad idea. Seems to be all-or-nothing with him since then.

Didn't Todd Frazier participate in the same derby? Whatever the case, he's leading the majors in homers. Or at least he was, last time I checked.

Garrite Cole- yeah, he's pretty good.

Will the real Matt Harvey please stand up, please stand up. Oh, and another Pederson. Why did they produce one of these MLB Debut cards for him when it wasn't during the then-current season. Isn't that what they usually do? Anything to milk that RC logo, I guess.

Anyway-- thanks, Tim, for the great cards and the trade.

Thursday, June 2, 2016


It started off innocently enough as a trip to the LCS to pick-up a box or two of 2016 Archives. We had just gotten home from vacation yesterday and I don't have to go back to work until Friday (it was going to be Monday, but that's a different story). Anyway, once I got to the LCS, I saw the $100/box price tag and said 'gimme one.' But right before paying I told the shop owner that I'd take a second box. I'm glad I did because I don't know which of these two came from which box.

The only question now is: auction, or BIN?