Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Countdown to 2017 Topps #01: Welcome Home

The moment we've all been waiting for... the unveiling of card number one in our countdown, with tomorrow being the official release date for 2017 Topps Series 1.

My initial choice for card number 01 (501) was John DeMerit from 1961 Topps, setting up a comment along the lines of "You're not excited about 2017 Topps, so here's a DeMerit for ya". Yeah, I know, it was a slam dunk- until I realized it was reported that Rod Carew returned home over the weekend, seven weeks after undergoing heart and kidney transplants. And while a new baseball card season is exciting, hearing the news about the Hall of Famer is even more welcomed news.

"They found me a 29-year-old heart," Carew told Fox Sports. "You never know, it could be time for a comeback."

You might remember that 29 was the number Carew wore during his career, but did you know about his partnership with the Minnesota Twins on the Heart of 29 Campaign? It was year-long campaign to  help raise funds for the American Heart Association and raise awareness for heart disease and heart failure?

The other (lesser) reason for picking this card: I think the 'In Action' subset found in 1982 Topps is one of, if not the, finest subsets ever produced. In short, it's a classic. Just like #29.

Welcome home, Mr. Carew.

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  1. Did you also hear that Mr. Carew is scheduling a second marriage with his wife in honor of his "second life?" The man is a national treasure.

    Also, very nice almost-pun on the DeMerit bit. I got a chuckle, even if you decided to go a different route.