Thursday, January 19, 2017

Countdown to 2017 Topps #13: Remember

One of the saddest things I have ever experienced was seeing a loved one robbed of their ability to remember a familiar face. My late grandmother suffered from Alzheimer's, and one of my last memories of seeing her alive was going to see her in her assisted living apartment and realizing she did not know who I was. Now, five years later, I find myself scared as hell whenever I fight to remember a name or to retrieve information that should be easily accessed from my short-term memory. This I do know: we're 13 days from 2017 Topps 1, a set that will probably be labeled as 'forgettable' by its detractors. 

Just because I have no idea who Dave Marshall was doesn't mean that there are not others who remember the one-time outfielder. A search of his name on Google pulls up very few hits, but one helpful site I found was the Ultimate Mets Database. "Share your memories of Dave Marshall" reads a header. And while there wasn't very many entries, the few that were posted fondly recalled a player hitting a homer, robbing a homer or having a cousin wishing to score with Dave Marshall.

"I was sitting in Sec. 4 in the Loge at Shea when Dave Marshall hit a foul ball that nearly broke my hand. 30 years late, I still have not touched a foul ball hit at Shea."

" I remember him leaping for a ball over the wall in RF and coming down without a glove."

"My cousin Wendy used to go to sleep dreaming of Dave Marshall."

"Dave Marshall was my favorite player on the Mets while he was there. Don't ask my why, he just was... Funny, I remember him scaling the right field wall to try and grab a home run, and coming down without a glove. I saw that game on tv. I wanted to run to Shea and be the first to get it from behind the wall...Dave was always good for a grand slam every now and then. And I also remember that one he hit where he put up his arms in triumph."

" I do not know why, but my all time favorite Mets player was Dave Marshall. I remember a game where he came up in the 9th inning with the Mets down by 4...and he hit a grand slam to tie the game."

I share none of those memories (or any others, for that matter)- not because I'm aging and losing my cognitive skills (although that's certainly a concern!), but because I was only four years-old when Dave retired.

I only wish someone would have remembered to air-brush out the pinstripes on the front of the card. Between the jersey and the hat, it's got me thinking it's a Pittsburgh Pirate on the card, circa early to late '70s.

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