Saturday, February 11, 2017

February Card Show #1

I emailed a card collecting friend earlier this week to see if he had any needs from 2017 Topps. Like me, he's a set collector who usually puts together a few sets of flagship and I had roughly 87 doubles after having collated my Series 1 set. He sent me his list, of which I was able to knock off about 8 or 9 cards. He then asked if I was going to the card show this coming weekend. I wasn't aware of a card show, but told him I'd meet him there sometime mid-morning. When asked what I was looking for, I just listed a few specific Griffey Jr cards (nothing big, just some early 90s stuff I no longer had), but if he didn't have them I'd just trade on the honor system.

It turned out to be a great day for a card show. After a brutal winter, the temperatures have been in the 50s the past few days, the snow is melting and the sun made yet another appearance this morning, inviting me to get out of the house. Card shows are the one thing that can actually compel me to get out of the house on a Saturday morning.

Most of my purchases were of the 25-cent box and dime-boxes variety, and we'll look at those in an upcoming post- but one purchase in particular was quite a 'fun' one. This one came from a dealer I've been buying from for years.

Complete 1983 Kellogg's 3-D Super Stars set- $15. This purchase was more impulsive than anything and if I had it to do other again, I might not pull the trigger. I'm not sure I'll even keep it, but it is a fun set to possess. And it's mint (other than the perf marks on the ends). You might see some of the singles up for trade on future posts.


  1. I would have bought that in an instant.

  2. I'd love to stumble across a dealer with complete sets of Kellogg's baseball cards at my local shows. I'm with Night Owl. I would have picked this set up too.

  3. Love it!!! The last set of an era!!