Monday, February 20, 2017

Holy Crap! A Trade with Off the Wall

Shane from Off the Wall contacted me on Twitter recently, thanking me for following him on the social media site and noted that he had looked at my want lists and thought he could be of some help in crossing off some of those numbers. Now, if you want to be sure to get my attention, that's one way to do it, so I looked at his want lists, we exchanged mailing addresses and the rest, as they say, is history.

Looking over Shane's blog, I can tell we have quite a few similarities as collectors. We've been collecting forever, it seems, have "changed collecting interests more than I (we) can count" and "always seem to be sorting something." Like myself, Shane started on Blogspot and made the move over to WordPress (I moved back, so I'm one up on him in that area). And then there's set collecting and oddball cards. The one glaring difference is that Shane is a Red Sox fan. I am not. But, I'll forgive him this egregious sin. I joke, of course. This fandom of his for that Boston baseball team, as well as oddballs, gave me a chance to send some stuff his way in exchange for what I can only describe as a 'holy crap!' moment upon opening it.

Where to begin?

How about with 2005 Topps Update. Seventy-eight (that's 78!) cards were knocked off my list, and when you're missing a crap-ton from such a set, and you receive that many in a trade, you're only reaction is to Sing

or smile and give your buddy a fist-bump (or whatever hand-shake you choose)

While the 2005 design is far from being one of my favorites, I do like the Season Highlights and Post Season Cards. I would probably like the design much better if it didn't have all that gold foil; I'm also not a fan of the player's last name above the photo. There's also too much wasted space up on top. Eliminate the player's last name and you might have a winner.

Next up-  a few from everyone's favorite (card) decade: the 90s.

1995 Topps- 15 cards, leaving me just 72 cards short of a complete set.

These might be a little more difficult to get than your garden variety '90s cards. The strike killed a lot of interest in the hobby. Less was produced, less was broken. I'm still confident that I will one day complete this set.

1997 Topps- 1 card sent, leaving me with just two on my want list. What a wonderful day it will be to finally finish this thing.

Not too much to say here. I tend to try to ignore Mr. Canseco (unless it's cards, of course).

2002 Topps Traded: 11 of the much harder to find low-numbered cards (#1-110).

I was missing all 110 of the low-numbers, and had all but given up hope of ever finishing this set. So adding these are just gravy. Will I add anymore to it? Perhaps. I will say this: base sets really don't offer much of a challenge to finish, if you think about it (pre-60s, excluded). This traded set is challenging.

Moving on to more vintage-y stuff...

1976- 8 cards.

The first packs I bought were from the bicentennial set. I didn't get many cards that year, but it left me wanting more. And I did so, in 1977...

1977 Topps- 4 cards received.

Again, I didn't go head-over-heels into collecting in '77, but would in 1978.

1978 Topps- 32 cards received, leaving me 10 short of a complete set.

Think you can find a photo that shows three more iconic things from this time period? Think again.

1979 Topps: 23 cards

Definitely in my top 5 card designs of all-time. It's simple, has great photo selection, and features vivid colors along the bottom that don't draw away from the photo. What else could a collector want?

1982 Topps: 35 cards sent. 9 left to go!

Of all the cards I collected as a kid, I would say I probably had more from 1982 than any other year. It would be my last big hurrah before girls, guitars and cars. I would, however, pick up my fair share of cards during the '83 season. Just not as many as the '82 set.

Speaking of 1983 Topps- I received 2 cards to go towards my set.

Besides all these goodies, Shane also sent me 57 various Mariner cards and 39 2014 Topps Update cards. I would scan samples from each but it's late and I'd like to schedule this to publish tomorrow (today).

Thanks again, Shane for the great trade.


  1. Steve glad I could help!! I still need to go through the 80-83 Topps for you too!!! So keep those lists up to date and I'll get around to seeing what I can cross of soon. Should have your end up this week.

  2. A healthy stack of 2005s! That sounds great. I like that set. '95 and '97 aren't bad, too, from the Topps Dark Era of the late '90s.