Thursday, March 30, 2017

30-Day Baseball Card Challenge #2

Day 2: A card with more than one player on it. 

I guess you could call me a prospector in one of my past (collector) lives, with Bowman cards being my second favorite brand. It would have been tops on my list, if not for the nostalgia surrounding Topps flagship. And as much as I enjoyed picking up the minor league prospect cards out of Bowman, it still couldn't 'top' the awesomeness found in those awkward quad-rookie cards found in Topps. I know that many collectors hate those multi-player cards, but I loved them. Still do, in fact. And out of all of the prospects cards I've encountered during my time as a collector, none can match the joy that today's card brought me.

The hype surrounding Andruw Jones through the '95 and '96 season was staggering. For a kid to put up the numbers he did in '95 as a-barely 18 years old was unbelievable. And then, just to prove that it wasn't a fluke, 'Druw sailed through three minor league levels in 1996 as a 19 year-old, on his way to capturing Baseball America's Minor League Player of the Year for the second straight season. Yes, his '96 Bowman rookie card was far more in demand that summer, but, for me, his Topps prospects card was the one I wanted. Again, nostalgia probably drove my thinking, but it also didn't hurt having another top prospect (Vladi) on the same card.

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  1. It's cool to see Vladimir and Jones together on a prospects card... although it would have been much cooler if they didn't have to share the card space with Banks & McMillon.