Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Feeding My Soul, Feeding My Habit

Most of the cards I add to my collection come from purchases: eBay, Sportlots, COMC.com and card shows (along with the occasional pack or box break), but there's nothing like an old fashion trade. Some are arranged, while others are done blindly. Unfortunately, most of us do not have many trading partners within our circle of friends, so we are left to working out trades through online communities.

 One of the three traders among my circle also happens to be my pastor. We have gotten together and worked out trades in the past, but it's usually just setting cards aside for one another and then giving them to each other on Sunday, or over lunch during the week, or whenever they have us over for dinner or to just hang out. As we were leaving the worship service this past Sunday, I heard Rick call my name as we were crossing the street, heading towards our car. Remembering that he had texted me to let me know he had some cards, I turned around and went back to retrieve them. I don't think my wife and daughter were very happy to sit waiting, but I didn't leave them hanging too long. And besides, I was hungry and was ready to stop by Freddy's Frozen Custard and Steakburgers, so I was in just as much of a hurry as they were. And believe it or not, I was able to resist the urge to open up that team set bag and thumb through those babies.

Technically, I suppose 1992 Upper Deck is 'junk-wax', but not in the eyes of this collector. Thus the excitement I felt when told most of my '92 UD wants were found. I'm now just ten cards short of a Seattle team set- and we'll get to those shortly. But first...

Star Rookies, Top Prospects, Team Checklists featuring very cool artwork... who doesn't miss Upper Deck baseball? Their stuff was/is so good, it's *almost* made me want to collect hockey cards. At the very least, why couldn't they have gotten the exclusive NFL license?

And if those subsets didn't get you excited, then surely the multi-exposure photographs did. Remember the Deion Sanders Prime X2 card? Not nearly as cool as the Kid's card from this set, but it is still one of the best cards from '92.

Cards still needed:

1992 Upper Deck

15, 367, 386, 388, 403, 572, 616, 620, 637, 650 

Thanks again, Rick, for the cards.

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