Tuesday, March 21, 2017

He Calls Himself P-Town Tom; I Call Him Tom Terrific

I spent years building team sets of one of the more popular teams among collectors (the Atlanta Braves) and (I'm assuming) was in competition with other Braves collectors for those cards. And while the occasional trade package contained a plethora of cardboard, trade material was (presumably) split between a number of us. Now that I'm a recovering Braves fan/collector who has moved on to my other team- the Seattle Mariners- I've come to realize there's an advantage to collecting the team whose cards no one wants. 

I contacted P-Town Tom over at Eamus Catuli! recently to try to work out a trade for a few cards I thought he might like and, sure enough, Tom was interested. I was pleasantly surprised by the box that showed up in the mail, leading me to anoint him Tom Terrific. And that was before I saw those sweet dance moves!!

Sure, everyone loves the action photo of a hitter at the plate, swinging for the fences, but I still enjoy those shots of a player making a superb play in the field- like the card of Franklin Gutierrez below. Death to Flying Things (Gutierrez' nickname) might be the only guy here who has more moves than P-Town Tom Terrific. I know, it's crazy to suggest such a thing.

Speaking of crazy.. included in this terrific box were cards of a crazy man (Milton Bradley) and a man making a crazy catch (Saunders).

I had such high hopes for Michael Pineda during his time in Seattle. I got the chance to watch him and Tommy Hanson battle one another from behind home plate during his rookie season. There was plenty of hype about him leading up to that game, but he didn't have his best stuff that night. Still, it was pretty exciting to see what I thought were two future aces. Despite the problems Pineda has had since his rookie season, the trade for Montero was still a huge blunder.

Some more Pineda, along with cards of the King. And look- an Arod sighting. I wonder how much longer before he gets a gig on Dancing with the Stars. You know it'll happen!

Let's throw in some of cards from my favorite Topps set from the '90s. This set seems to grow on me more and more with each passing year. I didn't mind seeing it in this past year's Archives product, either. This would be a good candidate to work on an autographed set, don't you think?

Rounding out this group will be an '83 and an '81 Topps. I do have to mention yet another great photo choice by Topps-- this one being the Edgar Martinez card. Known for his bat, most cards capture the future Hall of Famer at the plate; but every now and then card manufacturers would surprise us with a defensive shot (on early cards) or, like this one, on the base paths.

There were plenty of other cards include in this trade package, and they were just as appreciated. Thanks again for the trade, Tom, and I look forward to the next terrific trade!


  1. I've never seen so many Mariners on one blog post.

    This post gives me an idea for another post. Got to love that!

  2. Glad you liked the cards! My monster boxes are pretty much void of Mariners now, expect in those instances where I had duplicates.
    Good luck on your new team collection.