Sunday, March 5, 2017

March Card Show #1

I'm beginning to feel a little spoiled after attending my second card show within a three week time-period. Better yet, I was able to come home with a number of cards that I was able to pickup in trade. I'll show off those freebies in my next post but for now, let's take a look at a few that cost me some dough.

The first purchase of the day was from a dealer who hosted the card show just a few weeks ago. George has a nice selection of stuff and I can just about guarantee that he will have something that I will feel compelled to buy.

First up was the Topps Rookie Card of one of the best backs to ever put on a Seahawk uniform. I don't even mind that he was a product of Alabama football. Just don't say "Roll ___". Those of us who are not fans don't like hearing it.

2003 Topps Record Breakers #RB-KG Nice card and I just discovered that I overpaid for it ($2.50. COMC has it for 81 cents). Isn't that the story of card shows? Unless you're getting the card out of a dime box, you're probably going to overpay. I guess there's a trade-off for having the ability to talk the hobby face-to-face with other collectors.

Here's a toughie: do I keep this Ichiro for the Mariners binder- or does it go in the case that holds this 2002 Topps Post set? And yes, I overpaid on this one, too.

My second transaction of the day came from a dealer whose name I don't know, but is a regular seller on the show circuit. This guy informed me that everything was "50% off". Which means, of course, that I will still be overpaying.

This first card- from 2009 Upper Deck- is one of many variations of card #855 of The Kid. I've seen these (well, the other variations) listed online anywhere from $25-$46. Mister Half-Off had a $40 sticker price, meaning he was asking $20. I asked him to take another 20% off that price and he agreed. I only spent that much on it because I had made only one purchase and still had money burning a hole in my pocket.

Another Griffey- this one from '97 Upper Deck. I really like the UD base set from that year, but the subset which featured foil... very, very sharp. I may a Topps homer, but I would like nothing more than to see Upper Deck back in the baseball card market.

The last of my purchases for the day was this Arod insert. The back of the card reads: "...Like his boyhood idol, Cal Ripken, he remains a wholesome hero. 'He's Mr. Clean,' says former teammate David Segui. 'He's milk and cookies.'"  That's what's really on the card back. Anyway, once upon a time I was an Arod fan/collector. This will go in my Topps team binder.

Well, those were the cards I paid for. I got a lot more for nothing, other than giving up some 2017 Topps in trade. We'll look at those in the next post.

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