Monday, March 6, 2017

March Card Show #2: Trading. Mostly Traded.

In my last post I featured a few cards that I had purchased at the card show this past weekend; today, I'll show off the number of cards acquired in trades with a couple of friends. Both were looking to complete 2017 Topps sets (and insert sets) and I was able to help them out.

This first large group came from Mike. We had exchanged emails earlier in the week with our want-lists and he found a number of Topps Traded cards for me. I had planned on trying to just buy the sets outright, but may still try to piece them together.

This next comment will be considered blasphemous (or heresy) to some, and just plain stupid to others, but I can see 1985 Topps looking good without a border. Go ahead- throw your tomatoes at me.

I wasn't collecting anymore when the 1985 Topps cards came out. Had I been collecting, I would have bought a ton of this stuff.

Looking at the Chris Codiroli card has me wondering: could there be a brighter color scheme? Good grief... where are my sunglasses?

The lone non-traded card from Mike was the 1980 Paul Molitor. I saw it on his table and wanted to buy it, but he told me to go ahead and take it and we'd even it up next time. It's nice to be able to have someone willing to do things on the 'honor system.'

I also scored a few M's cards for my Topps and Upper Deck binders.

Next up were some cards from Carl. Again, all these cards cost me were a few 2017 Topps singles.

As I mentioned in my last post, two shows in three weeks has left me a bit spoiled- and there's another show in April. From what Mike said, he'll have more cards for me next time. Time to start digging around for trade bait...

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