Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Player's Ink: John Montague

A recent eBay search inspired what I thought would be a fun, new theme to chase after: autographs of as many of the original Mariners as I could find. Not necessarily on 1977 Topps cards, although that would be ideal. The only rule to this would be that it would have to be a card of them with the M's. I don't know if I'll actually pursue this endeavor, but it would be fun. Especially with this being the 40th Anniversary of their maiden voyage.

Now, should I go through with this, I just added what would be my second signature (the first was Tom House). This latest one is that of former pitcher John Montague.

Montague has the distinction of earning the first save in club history- coming in a 5-1 victory against the Angels on April 9, 1977. Another highlight from that first season came on July 24, when John pitched six and two-thirds innings of perfect relief to tie an American League record of 33 consecutive batters retired over two relief outings. He would come up short in setting the record a few days later,  when he walked Minnesota pinch-hitter Craig Kusick in the eighth inning.

For his Mariner career, John would go 15-19 with 7 saves over 107 games.

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