Monday, April 17, 2017

30-Day Baseball Card Challenge #12: Card from the 1980s

I had a specific card in mind for today's post but changed my mind after discovering the one I settled on.

The card I was going to feature is an oddball card (1981 Seattle Mariners Police card) of a player who provided us with a humorous on-the-field moment in May of 1981. Instead, I found something even better while searching to see how many cards were made of Lenny Randle while a member of the Mariners.

I don't own the '87 ProCards that depicts Randle reenacting his bizarre moment, but I would probably pick it up if I were able to locate one. I searched eBay and COMC, with no success- so maybe I'll have to go to my eBay search settings and make it so that I will be notified should one come up for sale.

If you don't know the context for the photo on the card, here ya go...


  1. Usually minor league cards were sold as team sets [they weren't usually broken down to be sold as singles] - there are a couple of 1987 ProCards Waterloo Indians sets f/s on eBay for $6.95 shipped and $7.50 shipped.

    That might be too much to pay just to get one card, but if you really want a Randle, buying a set could be the only option at the moment.

  2. Wow. That's a super awesome card! Never knew about it before today.