Tuesday, April 4, 2017

30-Day Baseball Card Challenge #3: Card from First Set

My interest in cards has gone in cycles: the very first cards I bought were 1976 Topps (only a few packs), and I continued collecting through the 1983 baseball season. My second go-around began in 1991 and would continue until 2002. That first return to collecting was at the tail end of the junk-wax era and Lord knows there were plenty of sets to choose from; things had sure changed since I was a kid collecting all four sports and non-sports stuff. One of my favorites that first year back was the debut of Fleer Ultra, a release that would become the first set I ever put together.

If you collected in 1991 then you probably remember the 'Big 3' that summer: Ken Griffey, Jr., David Justice and Frank Thomas. At least those were the three who seemed to be highly sought after in my neck of the woods. All three were part of my first 'PCs'. And while the Kid and DJ were included in this set, the Thomas card, for some reason, was always my favorite. The setting, the silver borders with the black and white uniform, and of course, the Big Hurt's smile all make this one a classic.


  1. Great choice! I couldn't afford much Fleer Ultra when it was new. I loved the multiple photos and clean design. Great stuff.

  2. I busted some Ultra in 1991, but most of my money was dedicated to Leaf (terrible decision, but I was addicted to their Gold Leaf inserts), Upper Deck, and Stadium Club (until prices reached $3 to $5 per pack). I made up for it in 1992 though. That year, I build a master set (without the Gwynn autographs).

    1. I loved all four of those sets. People can poo-poo the silver bordered Leaf and Ultra sets all they want- I think they were great!