Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Trade with The Collective Mind

 I've been so preoccupied with the 30-Day Baseball Card Challenge lately that I am gettting behind on a few trade posts. This is never a good thing because if I don't begin a draft, odds are that it will slip my mind. Thankfully, I scanned some of the cards I received a couple of weeks ago in a trade with Greg from The Collective Mind- and then uploaded them into a draft. And while the draft got buried in my list of posts, I was able to somehow remember to sneak this into the middle of Tony's challenge.

Most of the cards that Greg sent were of the 2014 Topps Update variety- and were very much needed. Thanks to Greg, I was able to do something I thought would never be done: eliminate a large chunk of my wantlist for a set that no one seemed to open.

Next up were a couple of 1983 Topps cards, which is usually enough to get a collector excited. But when those cards are Expos... yeehaw. It sounds inevitable that baseball will be back in Montreal one day, and in my opinion it can't come soon enough.

Moving on... a Mike Fetters error card (incorrect card number on the back- I forget what the card number read), leaving me just one card away from completing this set. While I'm not crazy about the way the player's name were stamped on the bottom (and no position), I do like the photography found in the 1997 set. 

I was a fan of the design found on the 1995 Topps set when it was first released, but I've got to say... it hasn't aged very well. I guess its one saving grace is it's a little more challenging to put together due to a relatively low(er) production run due to the strike. Other than that, there's not too much to get excited about.

Thanks again for the trade, Greg- and yes, I, too, look forward to Round 2.

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