Monday, April 3, 2017

It's Opening Day

We all know that the MLB season kicked off with three games yesterday, but I still have a hard time referring to it as 'Opening Day.' Do I have a hard time referring to the first NFL game of the year (Thursday nights) as the official NFL Kickoff? No, I don't. And if the NBA has an opening night with just one game scheduled (it probably does, I just haven't noticed), I wouldn't have a problem with it being referred to as the NBA tipoff. But baseball is different- it's a game steeped in tradition, and, while I'm fine with altering some tradition, Opening Day should not be messed with. We'll just pretend yesterday didn't happen.

Today marks Felix's 9th consecutive Opening Day start (and the 10th of his career). The next longest streak belongs to the Dodgers' Clayton Kershaw, who will be pitching his seventh straight opener. For his career, King Felix has a record of 6-1 with a 1.49 ERA on Opening Day, with his only loss coming in Texas last year. Hernandez allowed only one hit in that loss, so he could easily be undefeated for his career.

Making Ten Opening Day starts for one team is a pretty rare thing, as per the Mariner's Podcast. Since 1913, only 9 pitchers have done so: Walter Johnson (12), Warren Spahn (10), Jack Morris (11), Tom Seaver (11), Steve Carlton (14), Juan Marichal (10), Bob Gibson (10), Robin Roberts (12) and of course, Felix.

Here's hoping that the new season brings you plenty of hope and optimism that your team will be playing come late October. Unless they're one of the other 29 teams that I'll be rooting against.

Enjoy Opening Day 2017!

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  1. As a Cubs fan, I'm on board with forgetting that last night ever happened. Stupid Cardinals, lol.