Wednesday, May 10, 2017

30-Day Baseball Card Challenge #24: 1960s Oddball

Not too much commentary on today's card.

I don't have a lot of oddballs from the '60s in my collection and this was the winner, hands down, for favorite. Had I not had this card, I probably would have gone with a Joe Torre from the same set (I mean, an oddball rookie card!)- or an Eddie Mathews.

Only six more entries in the challenge... I'm beginning to see daylight.


  1. Vintage Hammerin' Hanks are always going to be tough to beat. Very nice selection!

  2. That's a handsome Hammerin' Hank!

  3. I remember a lot of the Post cards from back in the day but not that terrific Hank. It's a sweet card! Great choice.