Monday, May 29, 2017

Blaze One (or 5) Up

I scanned the photos found in today's post prior to us leaving for our vacation to Oregon. Little did I know just how relevant the title would be.


As you probably know, Oregon is one of a few states to have legalized the use and sale of marijuana. I was aware of this fact; I mean, I live in south-western Idaho, only twenty five minutes from the Idaho-Oregon border. And while we've made a couple trips into Ontario (a town just across the border) in the past couple years, I had not seen any marijuana dispensaries- until now. And they are everywhere; most of them have white flags with green crosses on them. Even the 'things to do, places to go' book in our hotel room has an ad for shops, along with a fact sheet on recreational use. My wife and I are trying to build up the courage to go into one- not to buy anything, mind you. Just out of curiosity. Although, she did say she'd be willing to try some with very little THC levels for medicinal purposes (she deals with a lot of pain from a head-on collision while in college). I'm still trying to determine is she was joking (and for the record, I support the medicinal use of marijuana). As for me, I smoked my fair share in high school and the first couple years afterwards.

All of today's cards were recent purchases to add to my Trail Blazers collection, which happens to be really small. As a life-long Trail Blazers fan, you would think that my collection was a lot larger, but it mostly consists of some late 70s and early 90s stuff. A majority of it is of Clyde Drexler. As far as this as an ongoing project... I don't have any real goals in mind. I'll probably add some team sets, but it might just focus on Rookie Cards and final Trail Blazer cards, along with various cards of some of my favorite players. Guys like Drexler, Roy, Damian Lillard, Maurice Lucas. I've really been out of the basketball card market for years and forgot just how nice some of the early Upper Deck and Hoops; as well as the early 90s Fleer, products were.

So if I seem a little hazy- or start complaining about the munchies- just chalk it up to me blazing one up.

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