Friday, May 5, 2017

Food-Issue Friday: Trade Edition

I'm taking a much-needed break today from the 30-Day Baseball Card Challenge post. Instead, I'm going to start catching up on trade posts.

I received today's cards from John, proprietor of Johnny's Trading Spot. If you haven't visited his blog, you're missing out. John is an Elway, T206 and Atlanta Braves collector; he also has a pretty good collection of Wacky Packages, which he features on Wacky Wednesday.

Anyway, I sent John some oddball Braves cards  last month and in return received some much needed 2002 Post Cereal cards for my set.

I know I've mentioned it before, but I'm reminded of this set every time I see 2010 Topps flagship. It's that curve on the left side of the card.

Not only is the 2010 design reminiscent of the Post set, but it also includes the teams color scheme on the card front. That's always a winner, in my book.

Card backs (not shown) feature a gray border and the Topps logo in the upper left corner, just above the player's name. The card number is in the upper right corner. A photo of the player is featured, along with the typical 'vital stats' such as height, weight, born, bats and throws, along with a brief Highlights section. Stats are a month-by-month look at the 2001 season, as well as MLB Career Totals. 

With the addition of these four cards, I'm now needing only 8 to complete the 30 card set: #13 Frank Thomas, #18 Shawn Green, #22 Ryan Klesko, #23 Jeromy Burnitz, #24 Bobby Higginson, #26 Cliff Floyd, #27 Greg Vaughn and #28 Brad Radke.

Thanks again for the trade, John.

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