Monday, May 8, 2017

Tomahawks for Tridents: A Trade with Dubs

I recently completed my second trade with Joey from Dubs Mentality. I had sent Dubs a bunch of Ron Gant cards in the first round and went with a wider variety of Braves this time around. In return, Joey sent a bubble mailer full of Mariners. Tomahawks for Tridents, most of which were needed for the binders.

I've gotten a little tired of Topps revisiting the well. We have Heritage, and I'm cool with that. I even like Archives- as long as they don't keep reusing designs they've used recently. We also have Throw Back Thursday (TBT) cards added to the mix (although, I will say that I do like the older non-baseball designs they've used for this on-demand brand). I do like what the company has done with the 1987 30th anniversary cards in this year's set. As far as the minis... I like them much better like this than if they were in the standard size.

Disappointment comes with being a fan of the team: Johjima started his major league career with a bang- homering in his first two games. He went on to set an A.L. record for most hits by a rookie catcher (147). His second year wasn't quite as impressive as his debut, but was a solid season, nevertheless. Kenji saw his playing time- and production-  diminish during his third and fourth seasons with the team. He would opt out of the final two seasons of his contract and return to Japan. To his left is Taijuan Walker, who often teased fans with stuff that led us to believe he would one day replace King Felix as the Ace. Walker's inconsistency eventually wore on management, who shipped him to the desert. As disappointing as I was at the time of the trade, the play the team has got from Jean Segura and Mitch Haniger has left me saying, "Taijuan who?" *Waiting for Edwin Diaz to leave us saying "if only."

Speaking of disappointing... Zunino just got sent down to AAA after starting out the year hitting a buck and a half (or thereabouts).  I was thrilled to get the Omar Rookie Card!! I've been wanting to add one to the collection. 

A handful of cards of the Kid. While I don't collect his stuff with the Reds or White Sox, the 2007 Topps is a beauty- and the Hit Parade below isn't too shabby, either. 

A couple of Hisashi rookies. The refractor, in particular, is a thing of beauty. The scan doesn't do it justice.

Moving on to the King. Felix cards are always a welcomed sight- although the photos often look the same. Have you ever noticed how some players cards are like that?

Finishing it up with a little of this and a little of that. Tino- was really high on him when he was in their system and got his call-up. But of course he ended up with the Yanks and all those fuzzy feelings were gone, just like *that*. Michael Pineda is another guy whose inconsistency drives fans (and his team) nuts. He's the Yanks problem, now. I do wish him all the best and hope he can put it all together because he has great stuff.

And I'll close this out with two of the ugliest, least favorite sets today: Donruss and Gypsy Queen. Panini keeps beating the horse by playing off past designs, some of which were uglier than sin the first go around. Why do they think they'll be more attractive this time? Especially considering they have no logos!

Thanks again, Joey, for the great trade. Keep them M's coming- I've still got plenty of Bravos. And that goes for any other Braves collectors-- send me your Tridents and I'll send you some Tomahawks. 

Thanks for reading.

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