Thursday, May 18, 2017

Topps TBT- Take My Dansby, Carlos, Bryce, but Not My Kid

Topps' Throw Back Thursday (TBT) cards is a great idea, but costs more than I am usually willing to pay for a 6-card (typical) set; even trying to buy singles on the 'Bay can run more than I want to spend. That's why I was pretty bummed when I saw the most recent set- designed after 1990 Topps football. I absolutely love that set and the fact that the latest TBT featured a card of The Kid, I was left thinking, "I've got to find one on eBay." Then it occurred to me: I have a $20 credit on their website for a group of custom cards they refused to print due to their copyright policy.

The downside to this purchase is that, despite featuring former number 1 overall draft picks, the players featured happen to be guys that no one wants. If Gonzalez and Swanson were featured in their respective Dodgers and Braves uniforms, it would be very easy to flip them. And perhaps they will be easier to trade than I think. Strasburg, Harper and Correa... do people even have interest in them? Great players, sure, but there doesn't seem to be high demand for any of them on the blogosphere.

Can you imagine how much better 1990 Topps baseball would have been if this had been the design, instead of that train-wreck of a set they produced? That would have been a pretty impressive 5-year run to start off the '90s.

This is my first TBT set, so I'm assuming the other sets have similar card stock. And by that I mean thick. Really thick card stock. It's too bad that the card back acts as an advertisement for the set rather than including stats and a short write-up about Junior's rookie season. Mention the 1990 Football design if you must, but c'mon, don't use it as a billboard for your online exclusives.

If you're interested in any of the other 5 cards, comment below or shoot me an email. I'm more than willing to trade.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Interested in the Dansby. What're you collecting these days?

    1. It's yours, dude. Mariners, Seahawks, Trail Blazers, as well as finishing my Topps flagship sets (see want list). I'll email you.