Tuesday, June 20, 2017

5ive From... 1984 (A Care Package from Fuji)

I start off every year, it seems, vowing to be more involved in the comment sections on the various card blogs I follow. Good intentions, obviously, but, like most new year's resolutions, I always fall short.

While I am an introvert (and have suffered from that type of hangover, on multiple occasions), I'm not going to use that as an excuse. Part of it has to do with me doing a lot of my blog reading on the Feedly app on my cell phone, which doesn't allow for comments to be made without going to a web browser. Laziness probably accounts for a large part of the reason, if I'm being honest with myself.

There are plenty of you out there who might be called 'social butterflies', judging from your involvement in the blogosphere. And if I were to give out an award to the Collector/Blogger who is Most Likely to Leave a Comment, it would go, hands down, to Mark of The Chronicles of Fuji fame. A few weeks ago I posted about the card show I had attended in May, and featured, among many pieces of cardboard purchased at the show, a single card from the 1984 Topps set. Mark was kind enough to inquire about which cards I still needed for the set and then, a short time later... BOOM! A PWE arrived with 5 cards. Five cards- perfect number because I've began a new series called 5ive From...

Because all the cards Mark sent were from the year 1984, I'll be featuring music from 1984. My first inclination was to pick tunes from some of my favorite bands at the time (it was a great year for hard rock/metal) but I've decided to go with a little more eclectic mix. Now, I did pick a song from an all-time favorite band (U2) and like three of the other four bands. More on that later.

Hard Habit To Break (Chicago)....I was a freshman during the spring of 1984 and I was moving on from collecting cards, becoming more interested in girls, cars and guitars. Looking back in hindsight, my decision to stop collecting wasn't difficult- especially as one who had been collecting for a large chunk of my childhood. And that surprises me because it seems like it should be harder to walk away from something that brought so much joy. Losing must be a hard habit to break for teams like the Texas Rangers, who lost a lot of games during the 80s. I vaguely remember Jim Anderson, more from his days in Seattle- but it was as a middle infielder (and the typical '70s-'80s m.i. at that: no hit, no power, decent glove). Was surprised to see him listed as a 'C-SS'. Don't see that every day.

Heaven (Psychedelic Furs)-- Call me crazy but when watching this video, I can't help but think that singer Richard Butler looks a little like Dave Righetti, or, at the very least, like he could be a relative. Wasn't much of a fan of the band; in fact, I don't know if I could name another song after this one.
Righetti had his 'heavenly' moment in 1983, throwing the first ever no-hitter at Yankee Stadium by a lefty. I wonder if the photo on the card front is from that game? Topps mentions his glorious no-no on the card back.

That Was Yesterday (Foreigner)-- a song which, according to Mick Jones, was about a failed relationship which you're still trying to hang on to; that there's a chance to resurrect it. At this point of time, the band (Foreigner) is like a failed relationship. Sure, there were some great moments, but at some point you've gotta ask 'why is this still a thing?' In case you don't know, the band is now comprised of really no original members. Jones still makes an occasional appearance, but for the most part it's just a bunch of replacements. Scabs, I guess you could call them. Likewise, I don't recognize the Nationals as being the former Expos team. They're just a bunch of scabs, to me.

Defenders of the Faith (Judas Priest)-- Speaking of resurrection... former Expos outfielder Warren Cromartie is hopeful of baseball returning to Quebec. Cromartie is the founder and president of the Montreal Baseball Project, which exists to bring baseball back to the largest city in North America without a baseball team. One of the things I like about the Priest album cover is how colorful it is, much like those colorful uniforms of our favorite Canadian team.

Promenade (U2)-- One of the more underrated (and unknown) songs in the U2 catalog, Bono paints beautiful imagery in the lyrics on this tune and the production team of Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois helped the band produce an ambiance on The Unforgettable Fire unlike any of their previous releases. Bono was once quoted as saying the entire album "was a beautifully out of focus record, blurred like an impressionist painting..." I can see that. Very much so.

Take the lyrics at the end of the song ("slide show, seaside town, Coca-cola, football, radio radio radio radio radio radio) and replace it with "Tim Raines, Montreal, Expos Expos Expos Expos..." and I wouldn't have a problem with it. there obviously wouldn't be the same flow, but go with it.

Thanks again, Mark, for the great additions to my set. I'll soon work on getting some cards sent your way!!

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  1. Always wanted to win a "most likely" award. Glad I can finally scratch that off of my list. Speaking of lists... love the playlist. Hadn't listened to Heaven or Promenade in a few years. Great songs though. Best of luck with your set!