Thursday, June 15, 2017

Base(ball) Oddity #44: VIPs

News broke yesterday via the NSCC twitter account about the VIP cards for this year's National. And with this being the 30th anniversary of the iconic 1987 Topps baseball set, it's no surprise that the card manufacturer will revisit the design for those purchasing the VIP tickets.

Great- a Junior Griffey card. I can tell you right now that this card won't be added to my collection- there will be too many collectors clamoring for his card. I would hope that Topps would use an earlier photo from Junior's career, which started in 1987. It would have been really nice if they could somehow use a picture of the Kid in a Bellingham uniform, where he began his professional career.

I may not be able to add that wood-bordered design to my set, but I still have two other VIPs featuring a wood design...

These two cards were part of the 2011 NSCC VIP packages and were from a COMC purchase I made last year. Look up 'disappointment' in the sports card dictionary and both of these names might be included: Ackley, for failing to live up to the hype that was (unfairly) place upon him coming out of college, and Pineda, for being traded for Jesus Montero. Yankee fans have pulled their hair out over Pineda's inconsistency, but at least he's still pitching for your team; I don't really have anything positive to say about Montero.

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  1. I tried to think of a positive thing about Montero and thought that he gave us the ice cream sandwich incident which maybe at the time was sort of funny. Looking back on it, it's just sad.

    I feel bad for Ackley. At least he is still sticking it out in baseball.